André's specialty Wholesale 

+ hand made  daily +


we work the old fashioned way

At Andre's Wholesale we work the old fashioned way - handmade with love and integrity using traditional, cooking methods from family heritage. From fresh almond biscotti biscuits to marsala and truffle meatballs, André's Wholesale is driven by a taste driven philosophy where we focus more on flavour than perfect appearance with a rustic flare. This allows us to bring a special experience to every piece of deliciousness - our products! 


how it works

Andre's Wholesale works with a number of cafes, restaurants and bars across South Australia who may have limited kitchen facilities and space to cook / prepare but want to offer:

- Breakfast options
- Boutique, specialty breads
- Cakes, pastries & biscuits
- Lunch options (fresh paninis)
- Tapas, dinner & bar food

Based just outside the skirting of the Adelaide CBD our kitchen bakes / cooks / prepares daily and delivers daily. All that we require is that you place your order by 4pm the day prior.


From 4am we have our chefs preparing, cooking and baking your orders ready for same day delivery across South Australia. 


+ MENU +

breakfast / healthy snacks

lunch menu

hot food / tapas & dinner

Sweet & Savoury pastries / biscuits 

Freshly Baked

The Kitchen


Meet head chef Mauro!

Born, bred and raised in Italy, Mauro has been cooking, preparing and recipe developing for André's Specialty Wholesale since he arrived in Australia in 2012. Inspired by home style cookery rather than culinary presentation, Mauro believes quality, seasonal ingredients is everything.

Whether it's using imported chilli oil or fresh fennel grown from our kitchen garden - emphasis isn't placed on "fussy" menu items but rather simple, contextual and "nothing but yum", scraping the plate menu items!

After a particular menu option for your cafe or bar but don't see it?
Let us know! We are developing new dishes daily and accept custom orders.